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This is a week-long multidisciplinary unit on spring and plants





Title – Spring/plants lesson plans
By – Cecilia
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – Preschool

THEME: Springtime and flowers


When I look into the sky,
I can see the clouds go by.
They don’t even make a sound.
As the wind pushes them around.
Some go fast and some go slow.
I wonder where the clouds all go.

It’s raining, It’s raining,
Oh me, oh my!
But our umbrellas will keep us dry!

(Muffin man)
Do you see a sign of spring,
a sign of spring, a sign of spring?
Do you see a sign of spring? Tell us what you see!

Finger play:
One little flower, one little bee.
One little blue bird, high in the tree.
One little brown bear smiling at me.
One is the number I like, you see.

Oh I wish I were a windmill, a windmill, a windmill.
Oh I wish I were a windmill. I know what I’d do.
I’d swing this way and that way
and this way and that way.
Oh I wish I were a windmill, when the wind doth blow.

This is my garden. I’ll rake it with care
and then some flower seeds, I’ll plant there.
The sun will shine and the rain will fall.
And my garden will blossom and
grow straight and tall.


Just a Seed by Wendy Blaxland and illustrated by Caroline Magerl
My Time of Year by Katharine Dow and illustrated by Walter Erhard
Planting A Garden by Lois Ehlert
A Tree Can Be… by Judy Nayer and pictures by Anna Vojtech
Air Is All Around You by Franklyn M. Branley and illustrated by Holly Keller
From Seed To Pear by Ali Mitgutsch
Counting Wildflowers By: Bruce McMillan
A House Of Leaves by Kiyoshi Soya and illustrated by Akiko Hayashi
Where Once There Was a Wood by Denise Fleming
Rain by Manya Stopjic
The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Crockett Johnson
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
First Comes Spring by Anne Rockwell
The Green Grass Grows All Around – Traditional Folk Song illustrated by Hilde Hoffman
A Summery Saturday Morning by Margaret Mahy

(Discussion and questions about story and vocabulary integration):

Discuss how the rain, sun and dirt help plants grow. Encourage children’s questions and ask open-ended questions relating to the stories as you read them.
Vocabulary Word: Spring – the season that comes after winter and before summer.

Discuss all the different kind of plants that grown like flowers, veggies, trees and grass. Discuss how the animals are no longer hibernating and that the fish are roaming the waters now too.
Vocabulary Word: Garden – A place where plants and flowers are grown.

Discuss fertilization and what it does for plants. Can the children name some plants? Show pictures if available. What do plants need to grow? What if one plant never had sun and the other did? Which would grow better? What happens to some plants in the springtime? Discuss how plants sleep in the winter like some animals and waken up in the springtime. Talk about the growth of flowers. Discuss flowers like Dandelions.
Vocabulary Word: Rain – water from the clouds.

Discuss what sowing and weeding mean. Show pictures of different objects that we might use in a garden to help us dig and sow the dirt.
Vocabulary Word: Hoe, shovel, rake, hose, etc.

Children will generate a list of sentences that the teacher will write on large paper that relate to our theme and what Spring means to each of us as individuals. Ex. Ms. Cecilia likes to go fishing and plant flowers in the springtime. Underline those words that have an “S” in them with a blue marker. Highlight the letter “S” in each word with a yellow highlighter.

Add some fake flowers to drama area to encourage play. Children will be able to display flowers and arrange them and have books available in the area as well to explore and look through. See if you can find flowers or things that grow in the books!

Provide children a variety of different materials in the writing center for them to explore with. Include crayons, markers, pencils and pens. Scissors, glue, magazines, paper of different colors and other things they might be able to cut and glue or draw on. Always provide traceable things related to unit, like animal stencils or flowers stencils.

Making a flower mask, making butterfly wings on paper and hand print flowers! Art easel is also available during free choice time for the children to paint.

Provide a variety of books relating to growth and plant cycle. Also, have weather-related books available for review of weather patterns and cause and effect. Read one-on-one when possible to encourage individual and quality time to the child needing that little extra.

(Numbers, Measuring and Reasoning):
We will chart the growth of our plants each week. We will look for different kinds of flowers growing outside and bugs that will be seen in the springtime. We will place nesting materials for the birds (string, cotton, yarn and other small items) outside on the ground. Birds will collect these items to use in their nest.

Hache computer is available and working in our room. Children will be encouraged to share computer time with a peer and help problem solve different tasks together. Cooperation is a must in sharing computer. Look for plant pictures on the computer.

Provide children a safe environment to develop gross motor skills if going outside is impossible. Playroom is available for riding tricycles, running, playing with ball, bowling and golf game. Look for signs of spring outside! Use shovels and buckets for play outside.

Look for things that we may be eating at school that grow from a plant. Discuss the difference between fruits/veggies and meals and grains to review nutrition. Food tasting – Alfalfa sprouts!

Going to fly our class kite outside if the wind is cooperative this week.

(Respect, Sharing, Behavior Management):
Continue to provide positive role modeling for the children. Encourage children to problem solve with peers appropriately by reinforcing the rules to school when needed. NO HURTING and USE GOOD MANNERS!

Fill the water table with dirt for the children to explore. They will also observe their plants growth over the next few weeks that we planted.

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