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This is an outstanding differentiated learning project about Ancient Egypt


Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Differentiated Learning Egyptian Project
By – Natalie Runice
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6-8

This is a differentiated learning project that wraps up our study of Egypt. The students must choose a combination of 10 points of activities. I do not allow my students to do extra points for extra credit. The projects get more difficult, and more time consuming as the point value increases. Try to encourage your higher level students to complete the 8-point activity. You can change this project to fit your own curriculum. This is a FABULOUS idea for differentiated instruction.

I made the project out of 100 points. I multiplied the point value by “10”, (i.e., the “8” point activity is worth 80 points”.) The students worked on their project for four days in class. My students really got into this project. They loved being able to choose what interested them the most.

Egyptian 1,2,5,8 Project

You must choose activities that equal a total of 10 points. Doing more than 10 points for extra credit is not an option!

One Point Activities

      A. Define the following vocabulary words found in Unit 3 (chapters 7,8,9). Define them using your own words. Credit will not be given if the definitions are taken directly from the text.
      Delta, pharaoh, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Hyksos, scribes, pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphics, papyrus, Great Pyramid
      B. Create an afterlife checklist. Provide at least 10 items you would need to bring to your afterlife, and provide reasons for why you would need this item. Be sure and decorate your checklist! Share your checklist with the class.
    C. Decorate a picture of King Tut that will serve as an honor to him and his service to the Egyptians. Do not only use colored pencils and/or markers. You must find different objects to enhance the picture (i.e. glitter, beads, jewelry, colored rice, etc) I will provide you with the picture that you need to decorate, you provide items to decorate the picture.

Two Point Activities

      A. Create a crossword puzzle using terms and information about Egypt. You must have a minimum of 12 clues.
      B. Create a colorful map of Egypt. Label the following places, AND tell me about their significance or how they relate to Egypt: (You will be sharing your map with the class)
      Nile River, Nile Delta, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Sahara Desert, Thebes, Giza, Memphis, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia.
      C. Research the Aswan High Dam. Give a brief summary of the dam (about 1 paragraph). Conclude by stating whether or not you believe the dam should have been built, and provide at least three reasons why you think the way you do.
      D. Follow the recipe for Egyptian Bread. Make the bread in your own home, and bring it in for tasting on our presentation day. If you choose this activity, a letter will be sent home for your parents to sign, agreeing that they will assist you with the baking, and provide the ingredients.
      E. Choose five pharaohs from Egyptian history. Write one quote for each of the five pharaohs you have chosen. Write a quote that the pharaoh MAY have been heard saying. Present your quotes to the class. The class will try to guess which pharaoh you are portraying.
    F. Make a Venn diagram of the differences between the Egyptian Civilization and the Mesopotamian Civilization. Based on what you have listed, create a symbol to represent each civilization. Share your symbols and diagram with the class. IF YOU DO THE 8 POINT ACTIVITY, YOU MAY NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION, YOU MUST CHOOSE A DIFFERENT ACTIVITY.

Five Point Activities

      A. Create a game based on the Egyptian number system. The game needs to be colorful and neat! Make the game so that when you present it to the class, everyone can participate.
      B. Create a hieroglyphics crossword puzzle. You must develop symbols for at least 15 of the 26 letters of our alphabet. Your clues must be in hieroglyphics format, but the answers can be translated into regular English. The crossword puzzle must utilize terms and information about Egypt. You must have a minimum of 8 clues.
      C. Make a pyramid pop-up book. Your book must include information about Egyptian pyramids (including, what they were used for, how they were made, what you would find inside, different areas of the pyramid). Your book must have illustrations, text describing the illustrations and the pyramids, and at least one pop-up per page. Your book can be no smaller than four pages. Share your book with the class.
      D. Find a partner to write a script, and role-play the decision-making duties of the pharaoh. The pharaoh’s most important task was to establish truth, order and justice throughout the land. In ancient Egypt, pharaoh’s word was law. One of you will act as pharaoh. The other will present two cases to the “pharaoh” in front of the class. Partners must write out a detailed description of the case to be presented before the pharaoh (to be handed in). The pharaoh must them make a ruling based upon the merits of the case presented.
    Case ideas: (These are only ideas — feel free to think up your own cases)

    • A slave has attempted to escape from a cruel master
    • A servant refuses to do as commanded
    • Someone is overheard questioning one of the pharaoh’s decisions
    • A farmers wants to be excused from work on the pharaoh’s pyramid
    • A wealthy lord kills your servant with his chariot.

Eight Point Activity

      A. You need to complete both Part I & II

        Part I

          Create an essay comparing and contrasting the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Write about how they are similar and different. Your essay must include, but is not limited to, what did they wear, eat, whom did they worship, what did they contribute to society, how did they communicate, who ruled their civilizations? Compare and contrast Egyptian and Mesopotamian trade, schooling, and dress. Which civilization do you think was more successful? Why? Which civilization contributed more to our common way of living? Give evidence to support your claims.

        Part II

          Choose one pharaoh from the Ancient Egyptian time period. Write an essay detailing the life of the pharaoh. Did they marry? Whom did they marry? Did they have children? Tell about how and when they became pharaoh. Describe some of the significant events that occurred during their years of reign. How did they impact Egyptian civilization?
    Your essay (parts I & II combined) must be a minimum of 1 ½ pages (approximately 800 words), single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, and can be no longer than three single spaced pages.
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