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Mentor Teacher

Title – Mentor Teacher

By – Shellie Rutherford (District Teacher of the Year – North Florida)

I teach 1st grade at a school in North Florida. I’ve been teaching 7 years now. I started in ESE with a “tough” group of “real” kids. Then spent 5 years in kindergarten.

As some of my little challenges got older, they seemed to be sent back to me quite a bit by teachers for a little (sometimes a lot) of encouragement in different areas. They just seemed to need me both in and outside the realm of the classroom. I can tell you truly, there has never been one that I didn’t value my time with.

I became a mentor for one, then two, and now three of them. I’m the lucky one! They all bless me in different ways and help make me a better teacher. Think about being a mentor teacher to improve yourself, and share your love…


Shellie Rutherford

(District Teacher of the Year)

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