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Merging Music with Language Arts Common Core


Common Core, Language Arts, Music  


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The students will be able to identify storyline and contractions in the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” lyrics, as they experience a steady beat, use rhythm instruments and sing on pitch:

  1. 1st Day: Introduce the song lyrics identifying the meaning of the musical term “lyrics.”
  2. 1st – 2nd Day: Discuss line by line the story of the lyrics in this song. How story cues might be eluded to rather than actually stated. Example: “It’s been three long years,” the story teller was away three years in prison, “done my time.
  3. 2nd – 3rd Day: Have “auditions” for Dawn – the back-up singers who are actually playing a rhythm part on the tambourine – shake-tap, shake-tap, shake-tap etc. on the refrain only. The rest of the class is beginning to join in on the refrain as they learn the words and melody.
  4. 3rd – 4th Day: Bring the student back to the promethean board to visualize the lyrics and help with memorization. Continue practicing the refrain as different students get to play the tambouring part while the rest of the class is singing. Gradually add the first verse.
  5. 4th – 5th Day: With students at the promethean board, ask if anyone knows what a contraction is as a grammatical part of speech. Line by line identify the contractions in the first verse. Discuss contractions and what makes a contraction. Example: I’m=I am, I’ve=I have etc. Practice the first verse and the refrain with the tambourine part encouraginging “Dawn to watch the conductor (teacher) pointing out that 1st beat=shake, 2nd beat=tap.
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