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Miss H. thinks you’re a Star

Title – Miss H. thinks you’re a Star

By – Mollie

I student taught a couple years ago in second grade, and I was lucky enough to be with the same class for an entire school year. In May, when I was finished, I decided to buy star shaped pieces of paper for each kid. I wrote on each piece, “Miss H. thinks you’re a star because…” and then wrote a little fact about each child. I was dubious about doing this, since the kids were so young, but one of my friends suggested that if the star meant something to one kid then it was worth my time.

One of the little girls, Megan, was diagnosed with ADHD during that year and was going through more tests to see if she had another learning disability on top of that one.

The thing about her was, though, that she was so clever. She was smart in her own way.

On her star I wrote, “Miss H. thinks you’re a star because you never forget people in your life. I also think you’re smart, and I really believe you could do anything if you try hard enough. I’ll always remember that.”

After I gave out the stars, I was standing in front of the class guiding the children with packing up for the end of the day. She approached me, holding her star in her hand.

“Hey, do you need me to read that for you, Megan?” I asked her.

“No,” she replied, looking at me with sparkling eyes. “I already read it.” Then she blinked hard, and her chin quivered and she said, “You think I’m SMART?” It was like I was the first person to ever tell her that. It was like the thought had never even crossed her mind until she read that star.

It was by far the single greatest moment in my teacher career.

I don’t think Megan will forget me.

Whenever I feel discouraged in the classroom, I think of that moment.

Let’s just say the stars were definitely worth my time.



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