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Mrs. Newcome, I can read, I can read!

Title – Mrs. Newcome, I can read, I can read!
By – Linda Newcome

As a teacher of fourth grade, I always anticipate the group of students that I will be getting and get excited with what I expect to accomplish with them. I always expect students coming into a grade level to be prepared for that grade, especially when it deals with reading. The students read everything orally in my class.

We were reading the book “Fourth Grade Nothings” to take a break from the normal textbook. I had just gotten a new student, when it was his turn to read I asked him to read a couple of paragraphs. With his head lowered, he said, “I can’t read.” I thought I had mistaken what he said, so I asked him to read again. I found out the child could not read even all of the sight words. So I went and stood beside him and helped him with the words that he could not pronounce which were a considerable sum.

I taught him how to decode and break words into syllables, the different vowel sounds and etc. When I couldn’t help him the way I needed to I asked another teacher to help him in her spare time. She did so without question. The day this child held up his hand to read and read almost like a trooper I teared up. When he finished and turned to me with a huge smile and said, “Mrs. Newcome, I can read, I can read,” I blubbered like a child. He left not long after that to go to a community in another county. When he gave me the biggest hug and said, “I will always remember what you have given me,” I blubbered again.

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