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“Go Fish” is used to help teach Musical Notes in this brief lesson




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Title – Musical Note Go Fish
By – Anna Morgan
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1 – 3
Concept – Learn to associate same notes
Objective – Play game & learn musical notes
Materials – You will need several sets of flash cards with music notes such as quarter, half, whole, eigth and you may even use the treble or bass clef.

Procedures- Put 2 students into each group. Pass out sets of musical note flash cards. Let them play the game as if they were playing the traditional Go Fish game. From each group, take the winner and place with another winner, let them play like they were in a tournament and just keep narrowing them down till you get the final winner.

Closure – This shows students how to work with others, sharing and association of notes.

Evaluation – One could offer a small gift to the winner. Something as a candy bar.

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