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Here’s an idea for teaching about “Women in Music”




6, 7  

Title – Women in Music

By – Michael Wheeler

Primary Subject – Music

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 6-7

This lesson plan helps develop the awareness of women in popular music.

Materials: Cher’s song “Believe”; Aretha Franklin’s Song “Respect”; Gloria Estefan’s “Coming out of the Dark”; and (for the new audience) any Britney Spears song. Teach first about Aretha Franklin’s “Respect. Discuss the meaning behind the song and listen to it. Next, talk about Gloria Estefan’s “Coming out of the Dark” because of the impact of her car accident on the public and these lyrics were written to describe her will to never give up. Next talk about Cher, the comeback queen. Play “Believe” because it had an impact on the younger audience. For an added bonus (for the kids), talk about the new diva, Britney Spears. Play any song from her.


Michael Wheeler


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