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Here’s a 7-Up type game for teaching note values




2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Musical 7-up game for teaching note values

By – Raymond M. Santovasi

Primary Subject – Music

Secondary Subjects – Music

Grade Level – any

Materials: Various percussion instruments should be used. Make sure there are enough instruments for seven people. (You can always use less than seven just like for the game 7-up!)

Have the students play music from any page of a note values book. Pages that use combinations of different notes are recommended.

The students can pick any line off of the page and play it but it as played as the other students simultaneously play their lines.

Students seated are then called upon to guess which line a specific person played on an instrument. If the student is correct they may then come up and play that instrument.

The hope is the students become familiar with the note values, the different percussion instruments, how they are played and the items they are played with such as sticks mallets etc.

This is a great tool for any musical class or level because the examples to be played are picked according to the classes needs!

This lesson can be used for percussion classes, music appreciation classes, or even for band because it will serve as an outlet or game (as most kid’s like to play the drums too!) and still reinforce note values.

I made the game up myself but admit some of the credit is due to who ever created the original “7-UP” game!


Raymond M. Santovasi


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