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This is an “Around the World” note teaching game using “Boomwhackers”




3, 4, 5  

Title – Around the World – Boomwhacker Lines and Spaces
By – Cathy Mayer
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-5

Introduction: Boomwhackers are colorful tuned musical tubes, each color representing a different note on a chromatic musical scale.

This is a version of “Around the World” using Boomwhackers to play notes from the treble staff. My kids love this game when we play it and often ask to play when we have extra time in class. Materials Needed:

      Treble Staff – I draw a staff on the board and use a magnet as the “note”

    Boomwhackers – E-F’


      I usually do this lesson as a game to help review the names of notes on the treble staff. Before beginning the game, I move the note around on the staff and have students name the note.
  1. Set up Boomwhackers on the floor in the front of the room. I usually start by putting the line notes in one row and the space notes in a separate row (see below). I make sure to space them so that they are still in order from low to high. I also review how the two E’s are different and the two F’s are different (Boomwhackers really help reinforce this concept because the higher notes are smaller).


  F   A   C   E   E   G   B   D   F (Start)
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