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This brief idea on Designing a Music CD cover merges Art with Music


Art, Music  


6, 7  

Title – Design a CD Cover!!!

By – Cory Silva

Primary Subject – Music

Secondary Subjects – Art

Grade Level – 6-7

Objective: This lesson should be used while teaching a lesson on how advertisement works in music. The goal for the hands-on portion of the lesson is for the students to design their own CD cover as an advertisement.

Procedure: The students are told that their CD cover must be appropriate, and the students must make up their own name of the group or artist they’re designing the cover for. They may not use any groups that already exist. I tell them that they may design the cover any way that they’d like however it should be appropriate. You may suggest that they come up with a design that somehow describes the type of music this band makes. This has worked very well!!!


Cory Silva


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