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A Music lesson integrating Art and Language Arts involving Contrast


Art, Language Arts, Music  



Jana Schmitt

Integrated Music Lesson Plan

Element to Teach Art; Language Arts Contrasts

Song Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty Ballet – Suite op. 66

The Lilac Fairy and the Waltz

Grade Level 4

Concept: The students will understand the concept of Contrasts in different arenas of Art such as poetry, paintings, and music.

Objectives: The students will develop meaning for contrasts brainstorming synonyms

-discover contrasts in the poem “Trucks” by Edna Johnson.

– discover contrasts in the painting “Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle)” by Wassily Kandinsky

– discover contrasts in “The Waltz” using correct terminology.

-list some contrasts of “The Lilac Fairy” using correct terminology.

Preliminary Procedure

The teacher will ask students to brainstorm some synonyms of the word different. “If no student suggests contrast, ask if they have ever been asked to compare and contrast something and if so, what they did.

A brief discussion will follow about the meaning of differences. Ask the students for some examples of what things are different. Tell students that they will be looking at some different forms of Art and will find contrasts in them.


I. The teacher will read the poem “Trucks. When finished, ask students what contrasts there were in the poem. (Big/little trucks)

2. show the reproduction of the painting . Ask students what contrast they found in the painting. (shapes/lines, colors)

3. Play the recording of the Waltz. Ask students what contrasts they found in the music. (dynamics piano/forte, tempo)

4. Ask students to write down contrasts they hear while listening to the recording of The Lilac Fairy. (tempo, dynamics piano/fort* timbre instrumentation)

5. Pass out materials (paper, marker, crayons). Instruct students to create something on their paper that contrasts. The students can write or draw something that contrasts. The only requirement is for their creation to demonstrate a contrast.

6. Ask for some volunteers to share their work and explain what the contrast is.

7. Ask for a volunteer to explain what contrast means.


Understanding of the concept on the part of the student can be determined from class discussion and their creations and the end of lesson.


The students can find contrasts in other pieces of art.

Teachable Element of Music

Classical music can be used for many lessons. The Lilac fairy is especially good in talking about the different sounds instruments make and would be good compared to Jazz.

The Waltz, is of course, a good example to use when talking about 5/4 time. The dynamics and tempo of both of these pieces could be expanded on. Or the music could be used as an example of Tchaikovsky s work.

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