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Click here to celebrate Chinese New Year with oriental music and lanterns


Art, Music, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Chinese New Year Music Idea
By – Pat (National Board Certified Music Teacher)
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Art, Social Studies
Grade Level – 2-4

Students are to learn the song Go A Tin , which means “lantern bright.” Lanterns bring good luck for the New Year in the Chinese tradition. You can find this song in the Share the Music textbook series for grade 2. This song is great for grades 3 and 4 to learn as well. If you do not have access to this song, any Chinese music will do. Listen to it or if you have a student with a Chinese family who can come and teach a song, then learn the song and sing it! After learning the song the students can make their own lanterns.


  • construction paper (any color). One piece for each student
  • scissors – a pair for each child
  • stapler

1. Students will fold the paper “lengthwise” (the “long” way. The teacher at my school teaches the students to fold the paper like a “hot dog”).

2. Students will cut, into the folded side, straight across the top – all the way through. This will be the “handle” for the lantern.

3. Students will continue to cut, on the fold, beginning at the top of the folded paper. They will cut across but will not cut all the way through. It will be the same as making “fringes” all the way down the folded side of the paper.

4. Students will open their paper and then connect the uncut sides (the WIDE way). It will look like a lantern when they do this.

5. The teacher, with help from an assistant, will staple the handle at the top and will staple the sides of the lantern together. The students will then sing the song again and wave the lanterns in the air as they sing.

6. I have let the students decorate their construction paper on one side before they fold and cut their paper. We have decorated with Chinese symbols or colorful drawings (such as flowers, shapes, etc.). While they decorate, they listen to Chinese music.

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