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“Music Baseball” is a note and symbol review game




6, 7, 8  

Title – Music Baseball Note/Symbol Review
By – Jenny Davis
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 6-8 

Concept/Topic to teach:

    Review treble/bass staff note names, note values, dynamic markings, other music symbols. Prior to review session, students should learn names/values of notes (treble and bass clefs), dynamic markings and meanings.

Materials required:

    Flash cards with notes/symbols


      Divide class into 2 teams.
      Defensive team will place one person at home, and one at each base.
      Set up room like baseball diamond. One designated pitcher (usually teacher) will show cards to 2 students at “home plate”.
      Rules are:

        1. If a tie at home, tie goes to “batter” – they are safe.


        2. FIRST CORRECT answer counts – if “catcher” or “baseman” is correct, at home the batter gets 3 chances; if on base, runner is automatically out.


        3. Outs/strikes as in regular baseball.


        4. First thing out of students’ mouth is counted as answer – even if it is um or uh.


        5. No assistance from teammates.


        6. Teams who talk get automatic outs.


    For an additional “twist”, have students clap correctly the cards with rhythms only on them; also have student name both Italian and English meanings for dynamic symbols.

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