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“Rules Rap” is a new way to present first-day music class instructions




4, 5, 6  

Title – Rules Rap
By – Diane Hamilton
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 4-6

Objective: Speak rhythmic speech piece to a steady beat in parts

Material: Overhead or handout of Rules Rap


1. Ask students to begin an ostinato of stomp, stomp clap (in the “We Will Rock ‘Em style) of eighth eighth quarter note pattern.

2. Speak the first line of rap and ask students to echo.

3. Add a non-pitched percussion instrument.

4. Continue to add parts to make a rondo form with students leading parts with non-pitched instruments for each part.


      A. Respect, Respect

      Respect is the key

      For we all can be successful when we work as a team.

      Respect! Respect!

      Respect is the key

      For we all can be successful when we work as a team.
      B. Wait to play your instrument until you’re directed

      Then you’ll never ever have to be corrected

      (repeat A)

      C. Following directions is important for you

      really can be learning when you know what to do.

      (Repeat A)
      D. Only one person talks at a time

      Please don’t allow yourself to get out of line

      (Repeat A)
      E. Please raise your hand when you have a question

      That’s the only way to get the attention.

      (Repeat A)

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