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Here’s an idea on Notes that uses a Boomwacker Relay Race




2, 3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Boomwacker Races
By – Cathy Curtis
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2nd-6th
This game is very simple and the students LOVE it!


Boomwackers for:
treble clef lines (E G B D F) and spaces (F A C E)
bass clef lines (G B D F A) and spaces (A C E G)

Bulletin board – Name that Note – I put a large staff on a bulletin board with construction paper. I have treble and bass clef signs cut out and laminated so I can change them easily. Then I have a few note heads cut out of construction paper and use a push pin to move it around on the staff.)
Or you can use your own type of staff to play the game.

1. Have students ‘remind’ you what the lines and spaces on the treble (bass) clef are. (One of my new favorite sayings for treble clef is Even George Bush Drives Fast.) As they are telling you the lines and spaces of the clef, place the boomwackers on the floor. I place them in two rows so that the lowest notes are on the students’ left.

   E   G   B   D   F


2. Have two students come stand below the lines and spaces. Place the moveable note somewhere on the staff. The student that figures out the note and strikes the boomwacker on the floor first wins and stays up.

3. The next student in line comes up to challenge the winner. Keep going around the world until you have one student left.

I have also made note cards with the treble and bass clef lines and spaces printed on them to help the younger students out a little bit. They really love this game, and everyone wants to win and play more! Of course you have to set a few rules like no pushing, no running, etc. to keep a little sanity in the room.

Enjoy the music makers!!

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