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A Christmas time Music idea that involves Caroling to the other classes




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Title – Caroling fun!

By – Pat

Subject – Music, Christmas

Grade Level – 2nd through 5th grade

Students will learn the song “Here We Come a Wassailing” (Can be found in the “Share the Music” series – third grade).

Arrange (ahead of time) for the class to visit another class and sing the song to the class. As they sing, video their performance (borrow a camera from your media center or co-workers).

Students will return to the music class for “wassail” (hot apple cider – instant – made in a automatic tea maker or coffee maker. Instant cider packets can be found in most grocery stores). If your budget can stand it, add some inexpensive Christmas cookies on paper napkins. While the students enjoy their wassail and cookies, let them watch the video of their performance!

The above activity takes some planning, but the kids enjoy it so much!




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