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A fun circle music game




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Title – Circle Music Game
By – Liz Cirone
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 1-5
My students LOVE this game and it’s great for their memory skills, as well.

Have the class sit in a circle. I usually play four beats of alternating C Chord – G Chord – back and forth. Have them find the BEAT to the song by patting their laps. Ask “Can the beat go faster?” “Slower?” the music slower and faster as they LISTEN and pat their laps accordingly to the beat.

Next: Add a ball (small rubber red ball works well) They should pass the ball to the next person on the BEAT to the music. (You should play slower…very slow..then fast..then very fast – and the kids should also pass slow, fast..etc)

Next: When you play a “trill” on the piano they should switch the direction the ball is going
Next: When you play three black notes 3 times in a row then whoever has the ball at that time should throw it up in the air and catch it.
Next: When you play a “glissando” they should roll the ball across the floor to someone (RULE: No leaning out to get the ball – whoever it touches, that person gets it)
Play around with those three things till they get the hang of it – always play the C-G chord pattern inbetween. THEN – -add a second ball. They love it when the ball is heading toward the other ball and one person all of a sudden has two balls on his/her lap.

I continue to add other funny things to keep them entertained and more challenging for older kids especially.
Play Fur Elise: Take ball and bounce it on their head one time.
Play JAWS: Hug ball to their chest and say “Oooh, I’m scared!”
Play the ENTERTAINER: Hold ball up in one hand and say “Would you like a Pizza?” (I usually answer them by saying “no thank you, I’m full”) can keep adding things and start calling people out who forget something until you have just a few left!! They love it!

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