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This idea makes use of a Columbus Day Song.




2, 3  

Title – Columbus Day Song and Game

By – Carole Beren

Subject – Music

Grade Level – 2-3

1. Teach the song by rote. When it is solid…

2. Seat children in a circle.

3. Everyone closes his/her eyes.

4. Teacher picks 3 people to hide behind something in the room (teacher’s desk, etc.). Tell them which of Columbus’ boats they are sailing on. (One child is on the Pinta, one is on the Nina, one is on the Santa Maria)

5. The rest of the class opens eyes and listens while teacher sings the questions and the three hiders sing the answers individually.

6. Children try to guess who is singing which part.

Song: (melody is in parentheses)

(sol mi mi sol-mi. sol mi mi sol-mi)

Who’s on the Pinta? I’m on the Pinta.

(sol mi mi sol-mi sol mi mi sol-mi)

Who’s on the Nina? I’m on the Nina.

(sol mi mi sol mi mi sol mi mi sol mi)

Who sailed a – way on the Sant – a Mar – i – a?

(sol mi mi sol mi mi sol mi mi sol mi)

I sailed a – way on the San – ta Mar – i – a.


– develop solo singing

– listen

– keep a steady beat




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