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“Acka-Backa Yummy Cracker” teaches note values with a rhyme, a game, and crackers




K, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Acka-Backa Yummy Cracker
By – Phyllis Gurnett
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – K-4

Chant the words

“Acka Backa Yummy Cracker, Acka Backa BOO, Acka Backa Yummy Cracker, Out Goes You.”

This is a game where students get in a circle (sitting or standing) and hand over hand (each child’s right hand is on top of the person to their right to make it easier to keep the game moving nicely and also to be able to lightly hit the person’s hand to their left). In other words, the game moves in a clockwise manner.

“Acka Backa Yummy Cracker” are all eighth notes, “BOO” is a half note. “Acka Backa Yummy Cracker”, once again are eighth notes. “Out Goes You” are all quarter notes, followed by a quarter rest. The game is done to a quarter note rhythm.

The good thing about this activity is it is a rhythm game and nothing they can do can change who goes out. This way when a child gets out they don’t feel like they weren’t playing the game well.

Also, graham crackers can be pasted to a display board so children can see that half of the graham cracker would be used for quarter notes, and breaking the half and gluing them close together would represent eighth notes. On the word “BOO”, simply tie two quarter notes together (with an arc from one half cracker to another). This helps for visual learners. Kids love it when they can see something they can relate to and like, and they learn a lot from both of these ideas without even realizing it. Anything to make learning note values easier really helps the kids that have a hard time with memorizing.

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