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This is a lesson on dynamics




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Amy Bizelli


Song Used: Wilderness Thunderstorm by


Element to Teach: Dynamics (soft and

Grade Level: Second grade

Concept: The students will experience a gradual change in dynamics from soft to loud that will be experienced through movement and listening.

Objectives: The students will:

Listen to a thunderstorm in class

Create a rainstorm in the classroom

Experience soft and loud through movement

Materials Needed: tape/CD player, recording of a rainstorm,

Preliminary Procedures:

The teacher will ask the students questions

about thunderstorms,

such as, "Do you like them?, Are you scared of them?. Discuss.


1. Play the recording of a thunderstorm while the students listen to the dynamics of it.

2. Teacher explains to class that we will create a thunderstorm using our bodies in a round – like fashion.

3. Split class into 3 groups and explain the order for creating the thunderstorm.

4. Create thunderstorm:

a) rub hands together

b) snap fingers

c) pat hands on legs

d) stomp feet on ground/play drums

e) pat hands on legs

f) snap fingers

g) rub hands together STOP.

5. Discuss how our thunderstorm was soft and loud.

Evaluation: The entire class participates in creating a thunderstorm in the classroom.

Follow – Up: The teacher asks the students what parts of the thunderstorm were softest and what part was the loudest. How did we show that in our creation of thunderstorm?

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