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Students create a rainstorm with this dynamics idea




K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Dynamics -create your own rainstorm!
By – Dianna
Subject – Music
Grade Level – K-3
This lesson plan teaches loud and soft to k-1 and then you can introduce the terms crescendo and decrescendo to the older kids.

1. Read the story Listen to the Rain or any other story that has to do with a rainstorm.

2. Talk about how before the rain there is silence, then it starts off softly and grows louder gradually (crescendo) then as it dies down gets softer gradually (decrescendo).

3. Using a wind chime or a single triangle, have one student play by himself or herself. Then add rain sticks. Then add maracas, and tambourines. I love to add Thunder with Cymbals, then some drums. After this, let the storm get very loud. Then take away the drums and cymbals. Then take away the maracas and tambourines. All that is left playing now is rain sticks and the wind chime or triangle. Finally take out the rain sticks. All that is playing is the wind chime or triangle. Take that away and silence. They have just created their very own rainstorm! The kids will want to do this over and over again.

4. Make sure to ask questions like, “Did our storm start off loud or soft?” “What does crescendo mean?” To gradually get louder. “What does decrescendo mean?” To gradually get softer.

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