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Here’s an idea for Exploring Vocal Ranges using “Where Is Thumbkin?”




K, 1  


Title – Exploring Vocal Ranges Using “Where is Thumbkin?”
By – Alice Medlin
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-1
Objective: Students will explore a variety of vocal ranges by renaming fingers in the song “Where is Thumbkin” and singing the new verses in a matching voice.

1. Review the song “Where is Thumbkin?” using the traditional names for the fingers. Thumb – Thumbkin, Index Finger – pointer, Middle Finger – tall man, Ring Finger – ring man, Pinky – pinky.

2. Give each finger a new “silly” name and sing in a vocal style matching each new name. Thumbkin is now called “fatman” and is sung in a Santa Claus low voice. Pointer is now called “boss man” because that is the finger that people shake at you when they’re telling you what to do. Use an angry voice. Tall Man is now called “skinny bones” and is sung in a high Mickey Mouse-like voice. Ring Man is now called “old man” because it is hard for him to stand up straight and is sung in an old man shaky voice. Pinky is now called “baby” and is sung in a baby voice.

The kids love singing these funny names and they are expanding their vocal ranges in the process.

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