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Here is a music lesson on feelings and mood


Music, Other  


4, 5  

Beth Hutchens

Songs Used:

"Money" and "Another Brick in
the Wall Part II" both from Pink Floyd’s

Delicate Sound
of Thunder.

I chose two songs from the same group and the
samples that I chose to use have no words in them. I thought that
by doing this, it would limit any influential factors that might
affect the feelings evoked by the song. Another good thing to
do would be to


tell the students the name of the band
or song before they hear it.

Musical Element:

Mood (evoked through music)

Grade: Fifth


Feelings are expressed through music.


The students will:

Listen to two different songs.

Use their materials to draw/write a physical representation of
how a song makes them

Discuss what it is about the song that evokes certain feelings.

Materials Needed:

Crayons (or fingerpaints, markers, colored
pencils), large white paper (one sheet per student), tape player/c.d.
player, music samples chosen by teacher

Preliminary Procedures:

Ask the students how many of them
have ever been riding in the car
and heard a song they liked so much that they wanted to turn
up the
radio. Ask how many of them have been in a bad mood and heard
song that made them feel better.


1. Pass out one sheet of paper/student and crayons.

2. Explain to the students that they will be listening to music
and they are to color orwrite about how a particular song makes them feel. Tell them that
if they need help, they should use their "mind’s eye."

3. Play the first 1 1/2 min. sample of music. Students should
be writing or drawing on their paper.

4. Play the second 1 1/2 min. sample of music. Students should
write or draw on their

5. Have students share their pictures/writing

from the



Since feelings are individual and students
responses may vary, the best way to evaluate this lesson is to
collect their papers. From these, determine if students see the
connection between music and feelings.

Follow – up:

As a group, discuss what it was about the
songs that made them feel certain feelings. Possible answers include
repetition, rhythm, texture, dynamics, etc.


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