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This game idea is called “Find The Sound”




K, 1, 2, 3  

By – Tavis Minner
Subject – Music
Grade Level – K-3

Materials needed:
1. A chair in the middle of the room
2. Favorite percussive and/or pitched instruments.
3. a blindfold.

1. To help reinforce listening skills.
2. To help children in knowing the particular sounds of certain instruments.

1. Choose a student to sit in the chair and blindfold him/her.
2. Choose an instrument and go to certain place in the classroom.
3. Begin to play the instrument with a continuous rhythmic pattern.
4. Ask the blindfolded student to stand up and walk toward the sound. (make sure that their hands are outstretched as to assist them finding the sound)
5. Once they’ve found you, have them name the instrument being played. If they name correctly, then they get to choose an instrument to play and they choose a student to be the “blindfolded one”. I guarantee that the students will love it!!

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