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This lesson is on Ascending and Descending Scale and is great for use around Halloween




K, 1, 2  


Title – “Five Little Pumpkins”
By – Sandra Eggleston
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-2
Title: “Five Little Pumpkins”
Missouri Standards: FA1 Goals:1.5,2.5
Objective: Students will recognize, sing, and play on pitched instruments a descending and ascending scale.
Students will speak and sing expressively.

Stimulus materials: Book – “Five little Pumpkins” by Iris Van Rynbach and the song “Five Little Pumpkins”.


  1. 1.Students list or demonstrate a Halloween sound.
    1. a. Discuss what makes the sound and which direction the sound goes
    2. b. Student acts out the character that makes the sound and makes the sound again.
    3. c. A student plays the sound’s direction on step bells while another acts out the Halloween character and makes the sound.
  2. 2. “Five Little Pumpkins” (song) (the words of the poem are sung to a descending scale. The ooo part starts on low do and scoops up to high do)
    1. a. Play a scale on the bells; then sing it as a student plays it on the bells.
    2. b. Learn to say the poem expressively, then sing the song expressively and play the bells. Talk about the direction that their voices, the music notes and the bells are moving.
    3. c. Students will move their paper ghost with the direction of the music as they sing and play the song again.
  3. 3. Read the book “Five Little pumpkins” to the class. Students may help with the ooo sounds in the book and may even act it out and play the step bells.

My kindergarten – second grade love this one. The more advanced students like to orchestrate this more elaborately by using the autoharp, maracas, sticks and castonettes, etc.

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