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Found Music Unit, Composers





Title – Found Music Unit, Composers
By – Melanie Marchand
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 4
Found Music Unit Contents:

Lesson 2 – Courting Composers

Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to inspire students to write music of their own creation.

Objective: When the students are finished this lesson, they will have:

1. Had the chance to showcase a musical instrument of their own creation.

2. Been able to participate in the compositional process while in the safe environment of a group.

3. Had to create a way of notating their work so that it could be read and understood later.

Resources: Found instruments, pencils, paper.


1. Go around the class and have each student showcase their instruments and tell how they were made. Each student should let the class hear what kind of sound their instrument makes.

2. Divide the class into groups of 5.

3. Have the groups each compose their own piece. Each piece should use all the instruments in the group. Each composition should have a time signature and should be at least 8 bars long (not including repeats). Each group notate their piece in some legible fashion. It doesn’t have to be on staves yet, but they should be able to read their piece later.

Assessment: Note the effort put into the instruments. Wander around and help the groups with their compositions. When the students present their instruments, I will assess them on the basis of incorporating creativity and found materials. By sitting in on different groups, I will be able to gage the level of compositional participation of each of the students. I will evaluate the students’ systems of notation when they pass them in to me. As the rubric states, systems of both peer and teacher assessment will be utilised.

Homework: None.

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