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Found Music Unit, Polishing Brass





Title – Found Music Unit, Polishing Brass
By – Melanie Marchand
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 4
Found Music Unit Contents:

Lesson 4 – Polishing Brass

Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to make students become familiar with the editing process.

Objective: When the students are finished this lesson, they will be able to:
1. Arrange, on a staff, an original piece.
2. Edit a composition.
3. Become familiar with basic rules of concert etiquette.

Resources: Staff paper, pencil, found instruments.

1. Put the students into their groups and have them polish their compositions (they may or may not use the suggestions of their classmates). (Keep the rough copy to hand in with the final copy.)
2. Pass out staff paper and call their attention to the front of the class. Explain how you arrange a piece for several instruments.
3. Have the students put their compositions down on paper.
4. Take a few minutes to review concert etiquette. Ask for input from the students about how they should behave.

Assessment: Participation and rough copy (to be handed in with the final copy). I will assess the level of involvement by visiting the individual groups as they are working. The students will also use peer and self-evaluation to grade input of group members. I will collect and evaluate each composition, comparing the rough and good copies to gage improvement. I will be able to tell who has a grasp on concert etiquette when I see the students perform at the final concert.

Homework: Have the students finish their compositions and practice the piece for the formal concert. They will pass in their pieces at the concert.

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