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Found Music Unit, The Concert





Title – Found Music Unit, The Concert
By – Melanie Marchand
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 4
Found Music Unit Contents:

Lesson 5 – The Concert

Purpose: The purpose of the lesson is to give the students a satisfying experience in performing pieces that they composed.

Objectives: When the students are finished this lesson, they will have:
1. Attended a concert displaying proper concert etiquette.
2. Performed original pieces in a formal concert setting.
3. Had their original work recorded for later analysis.

Resources: Found instruments, compositions, reception refreshments (juice & cookies & fruit), concert programs.

1. Before the students arrive, arrange the classroom (or auditorium, if you can get in there) into a stage area and audience area.
2. Pass out a program when the students arrive.
3. Have the concert. Record it, offer to make copies for anyone who wants them.
4. Have a mini-reception.
5. Have the students pass in their compositions.

Assessment: Written compositions (rough and good copies), concert performance, and audience attitude. Students will write a reflection to be handed in to me; this will include a KWL chart so I can assess students’ opinions of their learnings. I will record their concert and they will listen to it when writing their reflections, in order to better appraise their progress. By taking attendance I will know who was present at the concert.

Homework: Have the students write down their thoughts detailing what they thought about this process.

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