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Lesson Plan Title: Music Games

Kaye Slover

Game:  Bag of Fortune

The game “Bag of Fortune” is very similar to Wheel of Fortune.

Supplies Needed: A bag (a musical gift bag is great) A set of cards cut out all the same size. On each card would be a note or a rest. On two of the cards you will need the word bankrupt. You need more quarter notes than whole notes.

Prepartion: Before playing the game you should choose some of the songs that the children have been singing in music. Have a list ready. On the board you would put a space for each letter in the title of the song. For example, if the song was “I Love Music,” On the board you would put this

   _    _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _


1. Divide the class into two or three teams.

2. Choose a team to go first. Let the first child pull a card from the bag. If he/she can tell you how many beats it gets then he/she gets double the value for each letter in the word. If they do not know then they get face value. For example, if they pull out a whole note and they answer correctly then they will get 8 points for each letter. If they guess the letter I then they would get 16 points for their team.

3. You would then put the letter in the correct place.

   I  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ I _

Ask them if they know the song if they can name it their team wins and they get their total points, If not they keep their points and play goes to the next team. It is just like Wheel of Fortune. The team can hold their points but if they don’t solve a puzzle the points don’t count.

4. If a player pulls a bankrupt then all the points their team has accumulated is lost. UNLESS they have solved a puzzle. Those points are safe.

Are you totally confused? This is a fun game to play on a fun Friday or on a day when you don’t feel good. The kids love it. Modify it to meet your needs.


Use tied notes on the cards. This will really help them to understand tied notes better.


Preparation: Choose nine flash cards with rhythms on them. Set them on the floor three cards on each row. Have markers for both teams. Divide the class into teams.

To begin play: Have one player on the team chooss a rhythm. They get two chances to clap the rhythm correctly. If they get it right a marker is placed on their rhythm. If they miss then play goes to the next team. The first team to get tic-tac-toe wins.


1.On the chalkboard write four rhythm patterns.

2. Have the children practice each rhythm pattern to make sure they can clap it correctly.

3. Place numbers to the left of each rhythm pattern.

4. Tell the children that you are going to use a secret code. For example on the board write 4132. Then have the children clap the rhythm patterns in that order. Then choose a child to make the new secret code. The children will ask to do this over and over again.


The children also enjoy it when you erase one of the patterns then they must clap it and remember the one erased. Then you erase another, until they are all erased.

I am alsways looking for good games. If you have an idea or a suggestion e-mail me at

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