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Music Game with Recorders




4, 5  

Title – Music Game with Recorders
By – Deb Santiago
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 4-5

Students will reinforce their knowledge of a song being learned on recorder.

Materials Needed:

Recorders for each child
Blackboard with chalk or Whiteboard with markers


Choose any song that the students have been practicing on recorder. Divide that song into 8-12 equal parts (perhaps 1 or 2 measures per part). Display the song, with parts clearly numbered, so that everyone can see.

Begin the class by having the class play the song one time.

Divide the class into two equal teams. Teams will take turns rolling the dice. Each student should have a turn.

Whatever number is rolled, that student will stand and play the corresponding part of the song. I give each student two chances. You may wish to give points as follows:

If the student plays correctly on the first try: 2 pts
If the student plays correctly on the 2nd try: 1 pt

For example: “Mary Had A Little Lamb” can be divided into 8 measures. If the student rolls a 3 on the dice, then he/she would play the 3rd measure.

After every student has had a turn, the team with the most point wins! I usually have them play the entire song as a class to end the lesson.

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