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This idea is called “Guess What the Song Is” and focuses on Rhythm and Beat




PreK, K, 1  


Title – Guess What The Song Is!
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – PreK – 1
To have children listen and pay close attention to music. To be able to guess a song that is hummed or whistled by listening to the rhythm and beat.

Have children sit in a circle and explain to them that they are going to play a guessing game. This is not to see who can win but instead to just have fun as a group! The teacher will then hum or whistle songs that the children would know.
Some examples might be:
Row row row your boat
London Bridge
Bingo (the dog)
Mary had a little lamb
Down on grandpa’s Farm
If your happy and you know it!

Hum some of the song and then stop and see if any of the kids can guess what it is. Then if not hum a little bit more of the song. If necessary give them a hint about the song. The kids will love playing this game and trying to guess the song!

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