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In this idea the class plays Hide and Seek to “Where is Thumbkin?”




PreK, K  


Title – Hide and seek with “Where Is Thumbkin?”
By – Patricia Taylor
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Pre-K and Kindergarten
1.Teach the students the song” “Where Is Thumbkin”.
2. Choose five students to represent thumbkin, pointer, ring man, old man and pinkie.
3. Have the students hide somewhere in the room.
4. The rest of the students sing “Where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin?”. The student who is “thumbkin” will stand and sing “Here I am! Here I am!”. The rest of the students will sing “How are you today, Sir?”. Thumbkin will answer by singing “Very well I thank you!”. The class will sing “Run away! Run Away!”(when the class sings this, thumbkin will go back to his/her hiding place). The class will repeat this process for all hiding students (pointer, ring man, old man, pinkie).
5. Then the class will sing “Where is everybody? Where is everybody?” and all 5 hiding students will stand and sing “Here we are! Here we are!”. The class will sing “How are you today sir?” and the 5 students will sing “Very well I thank you!”. The class will then sing “Come back home! Come back home!” (at that time, all 5 students will join the class).
6. This activity can be stretched to include “groups” of students representing the 5 parts of the song (instead of only 1 student per part).
My students love to do this activity! Enjoy!

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