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Human Composition




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Title – Human Composition
By – Dawn Slupski

First, using masking tape or floor tape, make a giant sized staff on the floor. Out of paper or cardboard, make a treble and bass clef to put to the side to determine which line and spaces you will be identifying.

Divide your students up into small groups. First, have them make human notes, using all people in their group to make the note/notes. Then lying down on the staff let them display their note representations. This covers the rhythm element. Next, you can have their group decide on a line or space that each child will stand on. The teacher using the piano or bells will play the human composition that they have formed by standing on the different lines and spaces. They absolutely love this and this addresses The National Music Standards # 3 and 4. Students always ask to show their classroom teachers. Another twist, I have lined them up on the lines and spaces to make “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” I have them squat down and when I call out their line or space then they pop up and go back down. It’s like following the bouncing ball. This has been a great way to assess their knowledge of lines and spaces.

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