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Musical Instrument Fortune Tellers




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Title – Musical Instrument Fortune Tellers
By – carla worrell
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Music
Grade Level – 2-5
My 2nd-5th grades usually do a unit on Instruments in the Orchestra and then take a field trip to the Symphony. We discuss the instruments and their sound and their families.

I had some fabulous 5th graders make me about 30 “fortune tellers”. (Your kids will know what they are) On the top you can pick from 4 colors, inside you pick a number and then another number. Under the last number are questions such as “What family is the flute in?” and “Name an instrument in the brass family.” The kids love these and it’s a great way to check if they know their instruments and their families.

If you need directions on how to fold a fortune teller, please email me (or ask your students!).

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