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This activity idea serves as a good introduction to instruments




4, 5  

Title – Intro to Instruments

By – Sue Pastorek

Primary Subject – Music

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 4-5

Intro to Instruments

Using 20 3×5 cards, glue a picture of a band or orchestra instrument to each one. Number them. Put tape on the back of each and tape them around the room, on the walls, chalkboard, piano, music stand, etc. Type up a list of the instruments and the numbers 1-20 under the list. The students pick a partner. They walk around the room with paper, pencil and a book for a writing surface, and try to identify each instrument. You’ll hear some great debates, trying to decide between violin and viola, cello and bass! I put a few challenges in like sousaphone and piccolo. The kids love being out of their seats, and have great discussions. After about 10 minutes, they return to their seats and we check our answers. I gave a cool instrument sticker to the pair with the most right answers.


Sue Pastorek


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