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Here’s a music lesson on major key signatures and scales




5, 6  

Title – Major Key Signatures And Scales
By – Jeanne Boey – Brush/Midview School
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 5 and 6
Grades 5 and 6 Smart Board Program (I used “KidsNotes” or one can use any playable keyboard program) .

PURPOSE; To teach the 15 Major Key Signatures and Scales.

1. Circle Of Keys chart or worksheet.
2. Know the rules for finding the Major Keys when looking at a key signature.
3. Be able to name the sharps and flats in the order that they appear in the key signatures.

1. Review Circle Of Keys and Key Signatures.

2. I give one student at a time a key signature (for example; “five sharps”). The student will name the five sharps in the key signature, tell how to find the key, and name the key and the major scale.

3. The student will then go to the Smart Board and play that particular scale with the required sharps (or flats) on the Smart Board. The class can watch and listen to the scale being played.

EVALUATION; The students stay on task much better and have more fun with this lesson by using the Smart Board. I could evaluate the students by observing them in action, by observing their performance, and by their excitement.

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