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Staff Game is a kinetic activity idea for reinforcing the fundamentals of music




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Title – Staff Game
By – Delma Threadgill
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3rd – 8th

Initial Note:

    This is a great activity to reinforce the fundamentals of music.


  • Draw a music staff on the floor at one end of your room and a starting line on the other. (I used colored chalk on the carpet in my room because it will vacuum up.)
  • Divide the class into two teams.
  • Call out the word “line” or “space” and then the name of that line or space.
  • One player from each team must try to land on the line or space first and they cannot fall off. The first one there gets the point for their team.
  • Next you can draw notes and rest on the staff and ask for them or their value.
  • Later on in the year, let the kids call them out and keep score.

Final Note:

    My kids love this game because they get to move around in the room and they love the competition.

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