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In this listening idea, students write an 8-page story booklet inspired by the mood of eight songs


Art, Language Arts, Music  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Listening Storybook
By – Patrick Heber
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts, Art
Grade Level – 3-5

Materials needed:

  • 8 instrumental songs of choice that have various moods
  • CD Player
  • Paper


  1. Each student is given two sheets of paper and instructed to fold them in half (top to bottom). This way they have a little “book” that has eight separate half-sheet pages.
  2. Students will be writing a story that can be about any topic. On each page they write at least 2-3 sentences and they can also sketch a little picture if they wish. What they write is based on what they hear in the songs you play. For instance, play your first selection – if it has a scary feel, students can choose to start their story by being chased by someone, being trapped somewhere, etc. If the next song is happy, then maybe they escape unharmed or meet up with a friend. It’s up to them, but it must be based off the mood of the music.
  3. Give them a minute or two between the songs and then continue. Students should use the second page for the second song, third for third, etc. Have them share with a neighbor or with the entire class. Students love to read their eventful, often amusing creations!
  4. Continue through the eighth song, which will be the end of their story. I generally try to make the last song happy.

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