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This sound story for “Danny and the Dinosaur” combines language arts with music


Language Arts, Music  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Sound story for “Danny and the Dinosaur”
will combine L.A. with Music
By – D.L. Davis
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-2


      The students will be able to read and play rhythms of 8th and Quarter notes in succession.
      The students will improve listening skills as they listen to a story and play on their “cue word”
    The students will recognize patterns of 8th and Quarter notes

Items needed:

      1. 6 sound sheets on each one:

        A. Write a pattern the students will play

          (TA TA TiTi TiTi or draw notes on it-

          I have a color note system for mine)

        B. Tell them how it should be played

          (Fast or slow?)

        C. Write a cue word on each one

          (My cue words are Dinosaur, Danny, Museum, Animals (any animal word), People (any kind of person), and Children.

      2. 6 Different rhythm instruments, and enough for each person in the group. This can be sleigh bells, cymbals, xylophones on harmonic pitches, triangles; Whatever you think would work (You could even let the students choose!)
      3. A copy of

Danny and the Dinosaur

    by Syd Hoff. Most teachers will have this classic!


      1. Divide your class into 6 groups
      2. Give each group a sound sheet and have them do the following with you or as a group

        A. Tap the rhythm on their body twice

        B. Play the rhythm twice

        C. Wait for everyone to be ready.

      3. Read the story. Remember to look over the book and tell yourself where to pause at each cue word so the group can play.
      4. Read the entire story and ask students what they heard in terms of the story and the music. The students will enjoy adding music to a story and in most states, this will help with a state objective!
    For a twist, you could change rhythms or even let a student read the story as you help the instrument players. The students LOVE “Danny…” and you will love the musical aspect added to it-YOU MUST TRY CYMBALS OR LOUD DRUMS WITH THE DINOSAUR!!!

Assessments of objectives:

      Discussion of the story line

      Have individuals play their rhythm in time with you

    Conduct as they all play at one time (If you write rhythms in the same meter on each one)


Play the following rhythm each time:

TA      TA      TiTi      TA


Play the following rhythm slowly each time:

TiTi      TiTi      TA      TA


…including ” the people “, ” everyone “, ” Policeman “, and ” the Lady ”

Play the following rhythm each time:

TA      TA      TA      TA

Play them FAST!!!


Play the following rhythm QUICKLY each time:

TiTi      TA      TiTi      TA


…including ” Giraffes “, ” lions “, “etc. “

Play the following rhythm:

TA      TA      TA      TiTi


Play the following rhythm:

HALF-NOTE      TA      TA

(On REDRED , Do not forget it is TWO BEATS !!!)

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