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Drama Class {Halloween night}


Language Arts, Music  



Title – Drama Class {Halloween night}
by – Rhonda Martin
Subject – Music, Language Arts
Grade Level – First

OBJECTIVES:  This activity provides the children with the playfulness of acting out what they would like to be on Halloween night.  The children will love to take part in this activity and it will produce a supportive and an accepting atmosphere for every child.  The children will foster social skills.  They will participate and read in unison as a group, and they will demonstrate the motions to the noisy action words in a story.

~the lyrics to the song, “I Want to be a Ghost”
~the story book, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by, Linda Williams

1.  Have the children come to the carpet and read the story.  During the reading invite the children to read along to the repeated sounds in the book and have them do the actions for the sounds.  Have the children predict what happens in the story, allow them to share their ideas.

2.  Teach the children the words to the song and explain that we will sing this song while playing the game of charades.  {The rules are modified to suit the level of the children, and the words to the song can be found at the end of the lesson plan}.

3.  Express to the children about how we will play the game.  Each child will have a turn acting out what they want to be on Halloween night.  Express to the children that while they are acing out what they want to be they shouldn’t talk.  The other children guess by watching your actions.  If necessary hints may be given to help the children with guessing.  {i.e. by making the sounds of the character the child is acting out}.

4. Make sure that every child has a turn at acting out what they want to be.

5.  Have the children sing the song after each child’s charade is guessed, substituting the word ghost with what the child wants to be on Halloween night.

EVALUATION:  Observe and note the children’s social and cooperating skills.  Notice if the children are participating during the singing and notice their interest level.

Song {sung to the tune “Did You Ever See A Lassie?”}
      Oh I want to be a ghost,
      A ghost, a ghost,
      Oh I want to be a ghost,
      on Halloween night!   {Elizabeth McKinnon}

{Repeat, letting the children name different things they want to be on Halloween night}.

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