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Here students write a Grammy nomination letter for their favorite artist or group


Language Arts, Music  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Grammy Letter
By – Bob Urbani
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 6-8

“Today we will be doing an outline of a letter we are going to write to nominate our favorite singer or group for a Grammy Award.”

The Criteria for Grammys:

1. The influence and significance of the artist’s work. (Did it influence fashion in any way? Did it have a political or other message? Did it change the way recording is made?)
2. Hit song or album that made the top 10 or top spot. (Name the songs and albums.)
3. Any crossover songs? (A hit in more than one genre.)
4. Can the performers be positive role models?
5. Can judgments be made about an artist’s lasting impact on music?

1. The students will write a business letter that has an introduction, description of the performer and music, reasons why they should be inducted and a conclusion.
2. The letter must be a minimum of four paragraphs.
3. The students will show the rough draft to the teacher.
4. The students will write neatly in pen or type the letter.
5. The students will read their letter to the class.

1. All things complete will be an A grade.
2. Four things complete will be the grade of B.
3. Three things complete will be the grade of C.
4. Two things complete will be the grade of D.
5. One or nothing complete will be an F.

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