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Notes on the Staff merge with Spelling in this neat lesson plan


Language Arts, Music  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Spelling on Lines and Spaces

By – Brad Elder

Primary Subject – Music

Secondary Subjects – Language Arts

Grade Level – 2-5

This game can be done at all levels.

Materials needed: carpet with lines and spaces or tape on floor, cards with individual letters of A-G (2or 3 of each).

Split the class into two teams.

Put the letter on the floor in front and below the staff in piles. See description below. One team for each side of letters.

_____________________       _____________________

_____________________       _____________________

_____________________       _____________________

_____________________       _____________________

_____________________       _____________________

       A B C D E F G                         A B C D E F G

Make a list of words to use with three, four, or five letters. Some examples are below:

Have 2 students line up in front of letters standing tall and call out a word and say go.

The winner is the first student to not only spell it correctly, but also to put in order on the lines and spaces in order from left to right, like reading music.

The children love the competition. If its too hard for lower grades, just have them spell the letters and put them all on the B line.


Add, Abe, bee, egg, bad, dad, ad, beg, edge, baggage, cabbage, dead, deaf, feed, fed, etc.


Brad Elder


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