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“I’m a Little Cupid” is the centerpiece of this Valentine’s Day musical activity


Language Arts, Music  


K, 1  

Title – I’m a Little Cupid
By – Rebecca Maloney
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-1

This lesson plan is great for Valentine’s Day!

You’ll need:

      *Nerf Bow and Arrow

      *Bells (I use little wedding bell favors because they make a tiny noise and are romantic looking)

      *Hershey’s Kisses

    *The students’ voices!

First, I tell the students the story of Cupid and Psyche (a children’s version of course). Then I ask them what they think of when they hear the name “Cupid”.

Next, I teach them the song ” I’m a Little Cupid “.
It goes to the tune of ” I’m a Little Teapot “, so it should be easy to pick up.
I’m a little Cupid, as you know
Here is my arrow, here is my bow
When I pull the string back, watch it go
Sending love to those below. Next, I have the kids stand in a circle (with a bigger group, I would divide them into two or three groups with one group demonstrating). I choose a volunteer to stand in the middle and sing the song. After he or she is done, they shoot an arrow AT THE FEET of one of the other students. That student will receive a “kiss” and will take their turn singing in the center. The previous student receives a wedding bell and plays along with the beat.

Eventually, all the kids will have had a turn to sing and will have bells. Then we will all sing it once more together.

A few things to remember:

    The first volunteer gets a “kiss” for volunteering. If he or she has trouble with the song, the teacher may sing along to help the student(s).

The Rules to Remember Are:

      1) Only shoot at the floor by a student’s foot, NEVER at their body.

      2) Don’t choose a student who already has a bell.

      3) Wait until the end for everyone to eat their kisses.

    4) Have Fun!

The assessment is self-explanatory and the lesson teaches, among other things, steady time, singing alone and with others, and classical literature (Greek Mythology).

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