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A multidisciplinary lesson on Music Around the World


Language Arts, Music, Social Studies  


4, 5  

Title – Music Around the World

By – Jennifer Dalke

Subject – Music, Language Arts

Grade Level – 4-5

Learning Standards:

25.A.2c, 25.B.2, 27.A.2a, 27.B.2

Integrated Subjects:

Geography, History. Language Arts

Instructional Goals:

* Students will be exposed to many types of music that they may have never heard before

* Students will recognize that different cultures have different types of music, and they should all be celebrated for their uniqueness

* Students will be responsible for finding a piece of music that represents their personal culture or nationality, playing that piece for the class, and explaining the type of music that it is


* A large world map posted on a bulletin board

* Construction paper

* Markers

* Crayons

* Glitter

* Glue

Anticipatory Set:

1. The teacher will play a song that represents her culture for the class. She will, then, explain where this type of music came from, and what type of music it is.

2. The teacher will point out a large map on the wall and explain that each child will have a week to do some research and on a given day, everyone will present a type of music to the class.

3. The teacher will show the students a small flag from the country she chose, with a paragraph about the music written on it. The teacher will pin the flag to the appropriate country, and explain that each student will do the same.


1. Students should be sent home with a letter to their parents explaining the project so that they may help their children as much as possible In finding an appropriate piece of music.

2. Students should also be given some library time during the week to do any necessary research. Be sure to remind the students to check out a book with a picture of their flag in it.

3. On the day before the presentations, students will be given the opportunity to construct their flag out of construction paper, markers, glitter, and crayons. They can be free to design their flag in any way they want.

4. The day of the presentations, each student will take turns playing his piece of music for the class, and reading his paragraph from their flag. When each child has finished, he may pin his flag to the appropriate country.

Teacher’s Role:

The teacher will need to guide the children in this project to help them discover information. The teacher should also encourage the students to listen to a variety of pieces before they pick one to present. Finally, the teacher should emphasize that ALL different types of music are important and should be appreciated.

Creative Question Suggestions:

1. Does this sound like any music you’ve ever heard before? Does anything you hear on the radio sound like this? Why or why not?

2. What do you like/dislike about this piece?

3. What kinds of instruments do you hear in this piece?


* Some students may feel as if they have no particular culture that they identify with. If so, allow them to pick any country they want to research.

* The teacher may need to help the students place their flags in the correct places on the map.


1. Did the student complete the assignment? Did he research and present a type of music?

2. Did students appear to put honest effort into listening to the music and finding out about new ideas and sounds?




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