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This is a great staccato lesson




K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Lesson on Staccato
By – Diane
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-3
Materials needed:

Popcorn Popper (oil or hot air)
Large sheet of plastic
Small popcorn bags

1. Before class pre-pop enough popcorn and fill a small bag for each child.

2. After listening to music with a staccato sound and explaining the term to the children, spread the sheet of plastic on the floor.

3. Have the children sit in a square around the sheet of plastic.

4. Place the popcorn popper in the middle of the plastic and fill it with oil and popcorn (or use an air popper).

5. Pop popcorn without the cover on letting the popcorn fall onto the plastic sheet.

6. Have the children eat the popcorn from the bags and encourage them to not eat it off the plastic.

7. At the end of the popcorn demonstration, talk about the staccato sound that was made by the popcorn popping.

8. If there is time, you can use the popcorn from the plastic in an art project about staccato sounds.

(This works best on a non-carpeted floor just in case some of the popcorn lands on the floor instead of the plastic.)

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