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Here “Dominotes” and “Musical Blackjack” are played


Math, Music  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  


Title – Dominotes/Musical Blackjack
By – Meegan Coleman
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – Grades 4 – 8


Although this requires a lot of creative art prep on your part, these are games that can last a month and they’re great for days when you’re absent and sick of showing videos.

What you’ll need beforehand…it will take a few hours of prep.

      Purchase 6 sets of dominoes from a local party store; they are really cheap.


      Also, get some garage sale round stickers.


      On the stickers, put different note and rest values, but use the original dominoes as a guideline. I made a chart like this:

        1 dot  = quarter note


        2 dots = quarter rest


        3 dots = triplet


        4 dots = eighth rest


        5 dots = half note


        6 dots = half rest……etc….

      You have to use the correct corresponding number of notes/dots, just as you would need for regular dominoes.


    Crazy glue the stickers onto the corresponding dots. You can create so many different sets using any note/rest values you have taught or WANT to teach.

Once the sets have been made, have the students form groups of 4 at different tables and explain the rules of Dominoes.

    There will be 6 teams of 4 and all dominoes will be face down on the table. Students will take two and the one with the highest double (a domino with the same note or rest on both sides) will put one face up. Students will have to match the end dominoes with their own and if they do not have a corresponding domino, they must take a new one from the remaining ones. The student who successfully uses (gets rid of) all of their dominoes wins round 1. The remaining students must add up the number of beats they have left. Lowest number of beats wins!

“Musical Blackjack”

The same sort of concept applies to musical blackjack. The kids get really excited when they hear ‘blackjack’ but there’s NO gambling involved. Again, more prep but worth it.

Either purchase playing cards or make your own out of colored oak tag. Again, make a chart and use the round garage sale stickers.

Ace = quarter, 2 = half note, etc…
Paste the stickers on both ends of the cards until you have a full deck of 52. The rules are the same as regular blackjack. Students get 2 cards and they must quickly add up what they’ve got. They can choose to either ‘hit’ or ‘stay’. If they ‘hit’, the dealer gives them another card. I usually go for 12 instead of 21. This game makes them add quickly and spontaneously remember what each note/rest is worth. I have pictures if you’re interested in either game.

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