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This learning to whistle idea teaches the value of fortitude


Language Arts, Math, Music  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title -Learning How to Whistle
By – Deb rah Taylor
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subject – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – K-3
Read ” Whistle for Willie ” by Ezra Jack Keats.

Discuss the process which Willie learned to whistle. (practice, practice, practice, trial and error)

What virtue, characteristic, or personality trait did Willie exhibit? persistence, fortitude, don’t give up, etc.

Have each students whistle. Those who can’t will try again tomorrow. Remember you must practice by yourself and with a friend or a parent. Record each time you practice whistling. (Where were you? How many times did you try) How many times did Willie practice before he learned to whistle?

Next day re-read the story. Discuss and share experiences on learning how to whistle.

Make graphs together.

Write in journal “How I learned to whistle.”

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