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This is a neat idea where students help make a real “Rhythm Pizza”


Math, Music  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Rhythm Pizza
By – Dawn Slupski
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – 2nd-4th Grades
Anticipatory Set: Students will make a real pizza and add rhythm toppings. They will add different toppings so no two pieces are the same, and will make sure that each piece of pizza has 4 beats. Each note will show how many beats it receives underneath and each piece of pizza must have a number sentence verifying they have the appropriate amount of beats. The rhythm toppings will be:
Whole notes
Half Notes
Quarter Notes
Eighth notes
Whole rests
half rests
quarter rests
eighth rests

This lesson will precede four months of learning a note and rest per month. This will reinforce learning note names, and values and help each student relate music to math. After the rhythm pizzas have been graded and mastery has been achieved, we will have the class make a real pizza. Each student will get to add one beat to the pizza. We will bake and eat during their snack time.

Using pepperoni, I use an eighth note hole punch and punch notes out of the pepperoni. I use black olive slices for whole notes. You can also use different note hole punches for other notes as well and use all pepperoni, or form hamburger into small balls and roll into stems for quarter and half notes. Be creative.

Once all notes are added, we will add all the beats together and double check to see that each student has added only 1 beat. Cook! When dividing up slices have each child make a math problem to show how many beats are on each slice. If done correctly have them turn in for a sweet treat. If not done, help them one on one until they reach success.

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