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Math manipulatives are used here to show how fractions apply to note values


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Title – Learning Note Values with Math Manipulatives

By – Dawn Moore

Primary Subject – Music

Secondary Subjects – Math

Grade Level – 2-5

Concept / Topic To Teach: Note Values

Standards Addressed: 5.8

General Goal(s): To have a better understanding how fractions and note values work together and to better understand the concept of note values

Objective: To help students understand the concepts of fractions and how they apply to music notation

Specific Objectives: Kinesthetic application

Required Materials: Several sets of connecting math manipulative blocks

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Start by reviewing notes, rests and their values

Step-By-Step Procedures:

    Give each student four manipulative blocks of different colors.

    I start by explaining what a whole, half, and quarter are and how many beats they get. I also list their resting partner. Next, I explain that the four blocks connected are a whole note. I show them a picture of a whole note as well. I show how a whole note gets four beats and how there are four blocks each representing a beat.

    I then have them break the blocks into two sets of two. I ask what note gets two beats? I show them that they now have two half notes each one getting two beats.

    Next, I have them break each half into half again. I ask which note gets one beat. I then show there are two quarter notes, 1 beat in each. Then I go back how many quarters in a half, how many quarters in a whole etc.

    The manipulatives have been a huge help with the learning curve.


Dawn Moore


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